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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Rugs & Carpets In Lahore For Your Home

Carpets and rugs are saviours. They have the power of binding rooms together as well as transforming them effortlessly. Not only do Rugs and Carpets in Lahore transform the mood and look of interiors but they also have many practical benefits, from reducing the noise to warming the home.

 Nothing beats rugs and carpets for their wealth of patterns, textures, and colour – not forgetting the wiggle-your-toes comfort. On top of everything, the price you buy them at is nothing compared to the charisma they bring into the interiors. There is no need to give up on the design or style you wish to own as long as you have Gaba to fetch one from. We have different types of rugs like Fur Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Modern Carpets, and the list goes on. Want to choose one for your home? Read this guide for some tips!

1. Pick The Right Size

Picking a carpet or rug for interiors is surely tricky. They are available in different colours, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, it is totally up to you to pick one according to your requirement and taste. However, keep in mind that when you pick a carpet, its size and shape will define the character of your space. While a smaller rug like the Round Baby Pink Fur Rug is perfect to feature in your study corner for creating a focal point, a larger Turkish Kazak will surely be a charm for your living room.


Carpet Rug

2. Select The Space

Floorings define a space, so while selecting you have to keep this in mind. Every space needs a Carpet Rug that is specific to the design of the room. Let a rug you adore lead the way to your room’s decorative character. The colours, style, and pattern established within the flooring will be a springboard for the accessories, furniture, and even the wall colour.

Hence, when it comes to choosing an area rug for your lounge or a carpet, the design of the area, pattern, colour, and weave you choose are important. In a whimsical or eclectic room, add a colourful and modern hand-knotted Balochi Rug or Afghani Kilim. Choose a Fine Persian Rug if your interior palette is pastel. Or, if you want to complement your contemporary design space with some geometrical patterns, feature a Modern Turkish Rug.

3. Mute The Noise

Imported Carpets and rugs significantly reduce the noise in interiors. Practically speaking, removing the echo in living rooms is necessary. It helps in creating a calming feel in the space. Therefore, when picking a rug or carpet for your living room, make sure that it is a heavy-pilled one that mutes the noise – our favourite of that kind at Gaba is the Black and Grey Shaggy Rug.


Rug Mat for Carpet

4. Specific Flooring For Specific Tastes

Wrong choices can ruin everything – even when choosing rugs or Carpets in Lahore. After all, every area needs a specific kind of rug to look aesthetically appealing. So, while picking a rug, keep your space in mind.

A bigger room is bound to have more patterns compared to a smaller one. However, repeatable patterns can be utilized more in a small room. A striped Turkish Chobi Rug can make the room appear visually wider.

Just like a cherry on top of a cake, a black and white Rug Mat for Carpet also lends quite a chic and modern look in any space – be it minimalistic or modern. Other than that, Persian Silk Ground Rugs are heirloom treasures that can also bring out the best of interiors with their timeless elegance.

5. Keep It All Natural

Often, people prefer featuring natural hand-knotted rugs in their homes because they are durable and versatile. Surely, such a rug can work with any type of furniture and bring together every interior. And, if you are someone who likes tweaking the home décor frequently just for a mood boost, then natural hand-woven rugs like the hand-knotted Afghani Kilims we have at Gaba are the ideal floorings.

You can feature one of them, swap in some new cushion, put up a vibrant artwork, or add a rattan hair giving boho vibes – each works like a magic wand. All in all, rugs and Carpets in Lahore are game-changers that connect space and sync the rooms. As you move from one room to another when similar-styled rugs are features, a visually aesthetic pathway will catch your eyes EVERY TIME.

6. Heirlooms For Your Space

Other than being featured as flooring, a Bedroom Carpet Design that is versatile can also be used as an art piece to decorate the walls. They do not only add an ornamental element but are also great for walls where you want to add some warmth and sophisticated touch.

Bedroom Carpet Design

In our opinion, modern rugs live a life of their own – so a unique and vibrant rug on the wall is sure to engage anyone who enters your space. Straightaway, it will give out a contemporary appeal.

Drawing inspirations from nature and years-long tradition, the hand-knotted Silk Rugs that we have at Gaba are a work of art that is emerging, unique, and artistic. They are exquisite rugs handmade by artisans in abstract prints, minimal accents, and contemporary art. Depending on the rug, the texture and designs vary – which adds an element of fun when revamping spaces.

Found The Dream Rug For Your Home?

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