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Rugs In Pakistan: How To Choose The Perfect One For Your Flooring?

People keep making changes in their interiors to give them a fresh new look – and adding a new rug in your living room, bedroom, or any other focal corner does just THAT. We all update ourselves according to the trends, and doing the same for our lifestyle with a new rug is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the home and avoid burnout.

So, are you considering adding a pop of colour to your living room with a vibrant rug or looking for a statement-making neutral rug to overhaul your cozy space? Gaba has a wide collection of Carpets, Kilims, and Rugs in Pakistan – but yes, as much as overhauling a space is exciting, it gets confusing to make the right choice. So, right here, we have a guide ready for you on how to choose the perfect rug for your flooring. Let’s read on and give your home a trendy new look!

4 Tips To Pick Out The Right Rugs For Your Home

One of the centerpieces of a home is its flooring. There is something about carpets, with their plush underfoot feeling, cozy vibe, and lavish appearance that is never going away. As such, featuring a new rug n your living room or bedroom can be the BEST change you can make to pull eye-grabbing looks from everyone.

Self-expression through carpets is the key – whether you mix bold contrasting hues, bright fiery tones, or intricate and geometric patterns. On the other end, there are earthy and natural-hued rugs too, all set to endure throughout the years. For bringing the calming yet complementing landscape to your interiors, count on these tips:

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1.      Pattern Rugs Are Making A Comeback

Usually, carpets are on the plainer side, and there is nothing wrong with it if you prefer a neat look in your interiors. However, it is not a secret that patterned carpets are more interesting for the eyes – just have a look at our Afghani Kilims and Balochi Rugs in vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Aren’t they too stunning to be featured in modern rooms that need some colour?

If you are tired of looking at your same old and dull living room, add life to it with a unique pattern rug from Gaba. Each rug we have is hand-knotted to perfection and adds just the right spark needed in a home. When set properly, a patterned rug doesn’t only feature as flooring but as a piece of ART.

Styling possibilities are endless – and we mean it because you are bound to find the perfect patterned Home Rugs resonating with your style. On top of this, a wide variety of unique patterned rugs is available on our website, so don’t worry about having the same look as everyone. Give your home its individual feel and look with our exclusive patterned rugs – it’s the right way to go because they are back in trend.

2.  Don’t Be Colour Shy; Play Around Creatively

Walls are not the only thing that can be colourful in a home and 2022 is the year of colour plus creativity. So it is no surprise that Rugs in Lahore that we have at Gaba also come in seemingly endless combinations of vibrant colours. Re-painting your walls or just want to liven up the living room? Consider coordinating the walls with a Zieglar Rug or a finely hand-knotted Silk Rug. Featuring colours complementing each other will bring the room together in an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing and trendy.

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3.  Daring Rug & Small Rooms? A BIG YES!

Home owners often refrain from adding bold colours to their bigger rooms. And, with that being said, why not get experimental with small rooms? Featuring an artistic Turkish Embossed Rug or a Khamyaab in your guest room or study room will allow self-expression and creativity.

Though neutral and earthy toned-rugs also work well in smaller spaces – or you can also add a busy decoration on the wall – but nothing beats the charm of a daring jazzy rug. Trust us, such carpets are best-selling Rugs in Pakistan and add interest to interiors without taking over the space or looking too loud.

4.  Neutral Looks Are Also Interesting

Colourful and bright rugs are not everyone’s choice. Believe it or not, neutral rugs bring home a sense of serene and are a timeless addition to modern interiors. The cherry on top? They can also be used in a Room With Carpet. Sounds appealing to you? Then shop what pleases your taste from a wide variety of neutral-hued Persian Carpets available at Gaba – in different styles, colours, and sizes.

Remember: It is YOUR home, so settle on the rug that makes you HAPPY and takes your home décor game up a notch.

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