About Us

Gaba Orientals is a company formed in 2001 with a viewpoint to provide the best handmade products to their customers and also uplift the deprived sections of society by providing them with labor with dignity. Gaba Orientals basically acts as a bridge by connecting customers all over the globe with the hidden artisans – who craft handmade accessories, household products, rugs, and carpets that are worth the Carpet Price in Pakistan. The main focus of the company is on handmade products from rural areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Gaba Orientals has four main working avenues. We are an export-oriented firm for carpets, rugs, patchwork rugs, cowhides, leather products, basketry, and wooden hand-painted handicrafts. The main focus markets of course are Europe & USA. The other section deals with the retail chain called Gaba.pk, which handles a bunch of retail outlets within Pakistan. This wing dishes out imported rugs from China and Turkey at the best Turkish Carpet Price in Pakistan, along with floor mats, a range of household products, and handmade items. The brand covers 10 major cities and is operating successfully with major stores and its self-run outlets.

The product line has a wide range of variety of self-production and also outsourcing to weavers in Pakistan.

  1. Handmade Oriental carpets & rugs are trademarked products of third-world countries. Rug weaving has a long heritage in the sub-continent. Right from the traditional Persian Rugs to the modern contemporary designs, the Rugs in Pakistan that we sell are a piece of art in themselves. Gaba Orientals stocks Nomadic Baluchi Rugs, Mashwani Kilims, Vege Kilims, modern Balochi, saddlebags, afghan pillows, Navajo southwestern rugs, cowhide patchwork rugs, Arabic verses rugs, silk picture rugs, and also their bye products like cushions, kilim ottomans, and sofas.
  2. Similarly the manufacturing of handmade coil African palm baskets, hand-painted wooden trays, woolen hand-stitched teacozy, leatherette tissue boxes, and dustbins with table mats.
  3. The imported side covers the Turkish rugs in a modern look, prayer rugs, floor mats, and bath sets. Good friend china upgraded products in chenille mats, loop mats, and Fur rugs are the main feature along with high-quality Carpets Online in Pakistan.