Round Fur Rugs

How To Pull Off Round Fur Rugs & Make A Statement In Interiors?

Already know that featuring a fur rug is a foolproof way to instantly upgrade the look of your interiors? Let us break this to you – it is time to think a little out of the box – quite literally. Yes, we are talking about  Round Fur Rugs. Sadly, round rugs are not as common as their rectangular counterparts, BUT they immediately add visual interest to interiors. The ones we have atGaba are soft to touch and feel like a cloud when stepped on, thanks to their wooly fluffiness.

Round rugs even tend to influence the way things are arranged in interiors. While a typical rectangular rug lends itself to the center of the room, a fur rug in a round shape can divide your living room a bit. Feature one in the corner in front of the armchair and BAM, you have an oh-so-cute reading corner calling your name. Below, we have rounded up some of our favourite Round Rugs Online and ways to style them – give the blog a read, and then get onto elevating your space with a round rug that looks PERFECTION to you.

4 Ways You Can Make Your Home Décor Go Round & Aesthetic

Incorporating a round rug in your interiors has always been a dream but you have never been sure about how to do it without ruining the aesthetics? Although featuring Round Fur Rugs in interiors is not exactly rocket science, countless questions can pop into your mind when deciding how to rock the round shape.

Just like any other rug, considering how much floor space the round rug will take up, whether it should be featured in the center of the room, and which room can pull it off often confuse even the expert interior designers. Here are 5 ways you can take your home aesthetics up a notch with a Fur Area Rug that is featured spot-on!

1. Around Curvy Or Round Furniture

Round coffee tables and dining tables work beautifully on a Fur Carpet Rug in any shape, but there is a certain harmony that comes when a round curvy furniture piece is mixed with a fur rug that is round. The cherry on top? You will also get that vintage vibe and modern touch with a fur rug. Standing as a crown in the collection of rugs at Gaba, round-shaped fur rugs are an ultimate grace with their soft feel and sleek look – and that’s a SCORE if you are looking for a rug that brightens up the space.

Fur Carpet Rug

2. In Minimally Designed Rooms

In rooms where the furnishings and design are kept minimum, a Round Fluffy Rug has more opportunity to flaunt its curvy shape. These rugs also tend to ease out the harsh and sharp appearances that break the interior design game in minimal spaces. We have some very amazing and affordable round-shaped fur rug picks at Gaba – the one selling fast is our Round Baby Pink Fur Rug. It adds a modern feel and youthful look to interiors – in less than Rs. 4000; no one can beat that. Place it in the home office for creating a cozy library vibe or elevate the living room by featuring it in front of the accent chair.


Round Fluffy Rug

3. Best-Suited For Recreation Spots

Looking to add a circular factor to your home décor? In that case, Fur Rugs Pakistan makes a versatile addition. They complement both – traditional and modern furnishing. In fact, in our opinion, they are the perfect choice for the areas where you seat your guests. Brown Fur Rug that we have at Gaba is just THAT round rug that can draw attention with its perfect size and hues – while making the place cozy with its softness.


Fur Rugs Pakistan

4. Create A Spotlight Effect

When it comes to interior décor, Round Fur Rugs can be an eye candy in some rooms but not pleasing to the eyes in others. For example, they can draw attention to an idea in a room that is otherwise overlooked but also make a room look cluttered. But who says you cannot amp up the coziness in your space by featuring a round-shaped fur rug? To create that spotlight effect, choose the colour that complements your interiors. For a bolder accent, choose Gabas striking-coloured Ferozi Fur Rug and if keeping things minimal with a neutral palette is your thing, feature the White & Brown Fur Rug. No matter which rug you choose, anchoring it in your interiors will get the compliments rolling in.


Fur Carpet For Living Room

Get The Perfect Interior Look  Shop Fur Rugs Online NOW!

Found the perfect soft and fluffy Fur Carpet For Living Room and even got the ideas to style it in the interiors? Surely, they can be used for defining spaces in rooms, creating a spacious illusion, or even adding a pop of colour. Gaba has a wide range of Round Area Rugs made of fur – and each rug is a real statement piece – giving a tranquil appearance. So now that you have understood how to style fur rugs that are round, make one a part of your interiors. We have some very amazing Round Carpets for Sale available at Visit the website, choose round Fur Carpet Online as you would pick a piece of art, and place an order – we’ll deliver the rug to your doorstep.