Turkish Rugs

Turkish Rugs: Our Top Picks That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Despite the amazing variety of modern rugs available out there in stores these days, people still look for vintage, antique, and traditional creations like Turkish Rugs. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple – nothing can beat the masterful handicraft, well-thought-out designs, and top-notch materials of these rugs.  

It's no secret that rugs are crafted for serving practical purposes in houses, especially the Turkish ones that keep houses warm by acting as floor paddings. However, this hardly means that these eye candies cannot serve the purpose of an aesthetic decoration. Given the vibrancy of their hues and the richness of the motifs, it is quite easy to use the rugs hand-knotted by Turkish artisans in different ways to tie everything together and enhance the interiors.  

Thinking of getting a rug from the Turkish lands but not sure which one to pick? We have a wide variety of modern ones handcrafted by the artisans at Gaba – sourced all the way from Turkey for those who adore this form of home décor. Below, we have picked the top ones from our collection that serve decorative purposes with endless possibilities.  

3 Timeless Turkish Rugs That Are Sure To Grace Your Interiors  

When it comes to interiors, the trends keep on changing. However, in the world of rugs and carpets, the desire for traditional rugs from Turkey has withstood the time test. When the right one is chosen and styled, its traditional design adds luxury and character to interiors. In this blog, we have picked the timeless and vintage Turkish Carpets, that never go out of style and are sure to grace interiors for years.  

1.  Turkish Chobi Rug  

Ancient tribes from Turkey wandering through the mountains are the artisans behind our Turkish Chobi Rug – a favourite one on our list. It is a marvellous wool-based floor covering that is weaved through a technique that is years old and pleasing to the eyes.  

Yet, the modern world has only heard about it in the mid-20th century and is now drooling over the oh-so-elegant Handmade Turkish Rugs that we have at Gaba. Enchanted by the irresistible, and simple appearance, shaggy texture, and ultra-soft finish, this mid-century-inspired Chobi rug from Turkey is the ultimate interior accessory for modern homes.  

After all, who wouldn’t just want to roll on a cushy rug in their living room while reading a book every now and then? Chobi rugs are probably the most versatile of all our rugs. This one specifically fits perfectly in any kind of arrangement because of the black-and-white colour palette and artistic patterns that look minimalistic.  

Moreover, it has a set of skills too, that is – enlivening contemporary and elegant interiors along with completing the modern look. The cherry on top? It matches almost every possible décor, so in case you doubt which rug might fit your home, simply go with this one.  

Handmade Turkish Rugs

2.  Turkish Kazak  

Kazaks are the ancestors of all the floorings that exist today and can definitely be called the crème de la crème (the best of a particular kind) of all the Antique Turkish Rugs. One of these rugs is our highest quality import – Turkish Kazak. Featuring a silky and shiny finish, time-honoured patterns together with vibrant colours, it tells bigger stories from history in an aesthetically impressive way.  

The unique and creative appearance of this rug derives ancient beliefs of the weavers and the worth-praising craftsmanship that they expressed through threads and looks. Without any doubt, this Kazak is a colourful, geometric, and iconic rug that ALWAYS adds positive energy and character to the home décor.  

Are you a perfectionist who seeks a unique style and wants to change the appearance of the living room or bedroom but doesn’t know how to exactly? Feature this rug. Despite the antique design, Turkish Rugs, especially Kazaks, look fabulous when they are paired with modern furniture like a minimalistic sofa or basic coffee table.  

With the range of Kazak available at Gaba, even the ordinary furniture pieces from Ikea acquire a whole new stylish dimension. Just like the Persian Rugs that bring together vintage interiors, thanks to the bright hues of this Turkish Kazak, it perfectly matches rustic décor and modern interiors too.  

Turkish Embossed Rug

3.  Turkish Embossed Rug  

One rug that rules all, one rug that catches every eye, one rug to bring it all together and bind all the interior décor. Wow, that sounds really dramatic, doesn’t it? We are of course referring to our classic Turkish Embossed Rug, which is the absolute king of all other Turkish Rugs 

Also famous as a fine-quality cut-work chenille rug, it is machine-made using a thick base of wool. The silk-embossed pattern on the rug gives it a layered effect, while the design is a blend of modern and traditional patterns in a neutral colour scheme – Reds, Black, Beige, and Tea Pink.  

As a flooring in modern homes, this rug always exhibits ultimate class and timeless chic. Thus, rather than fusing it with the rest of your interior décor, let it stand out. Even more amazing is the fact that the embossed rug and others similar to these that we have at Gaba look phenomenal in minimalistic and elegant interiors, where subtle hues are the ideal setting.  

Whether you feature this rug with a leather couch, copper lamp, wooden floor, or a vintage coffee table, it will always have a star appearance. According to the latest trends, this iconic and timeless rug is also perfect for bedrooms that need a focal point, but of course, a minimalistic one.  


Rug Mat for Carpet

Found The Perfect Turkish Rug For Your Home?  

Turkish rugs are just like the philosophy that inspired them: tones, aesthetics, and affordable. Although they feature no unnecessary pomp BUT are still expressive because of the geometric patterns, elegant motifs, and colours that add to their modernity.  They are a MUST-HAVE in mid-century modern arrangements that need a touch of contemporary or vintage.  

So, without thinking another second, get a hand-knotted Rug Mat for Carpet, Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs, or any other type of Turkish Rug from Gaba. To check out more styles, colours, and sizes, take a peek at www.gaba.pk – we have a wide variety of rugs; each more elegant and unique than the other. And, if by any chance you are visiting Jalal Sons or Al-Fatah in Lahore, do check out the rugs, carpets, and other accessories available there.