Turkish Rug: The Ultimate Guide To Choose One For Your Space

Turkish Rug: The Ultimate Guide To Choose One For Your Space

Turkish rugs have always been famous because of their quality. Every piece of yarn is double-knotted, as this technique makes a Turkish Rug more durable and sturdy. With the various styles and designs available at Gaba Orientals, these rugs have become a cultural symbol in quite a short time. They are one of our top-selling products that make their way into homes and upgrade the home décor exquisitely – with the perfect combination of hues, designs, and craftsmanship.

6 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Turkish Rug

The history of Handmade Turkish Rugs is remarkable – based on the weaving techniques and traditions of the Turks. Not only are they used for covering floors but also to enhance the aesthetics of space and bring out a cozy feel. They are popular for their intricate patterns, beautiful colours, and fine weaving that represents Turkish culture. Thinking of adorning your living room with a breathtakingly elegant rug knotted by Turkish artisans from around the world? Here’s what you should look for when choosing one:

1. Rug Quality

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the quality of Turkish Rugs Online is their knot density. If you are someone who prefers quality over everything else, Gaba Orientals is the right place to shop for your rug. The knotting density is something that has a significant impact on the pattern of the rug and its average lifespan. Hence, we sourced the high-quality ones, knotted to perfection – all the way from Turkey.

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2. Wool Quality

When knotting a Turkish Rug, it is important to use pure wool. The artisans that craft them make sure to use pure wool for the first knots and dyed fibers for the double-knotting. Poor-quality wool and synthetic fiber are not mixed in any of the Turkish Rugs that we retail at www.gaba.pk. Every rug is knotted with the highest quality wool by skilled Turk artisans, who have magic in their hands and know how to knot traditions and culture in the form of a classic rug.

3. Colour Quality

Chemical-based paint is used for making Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs, but that paint should be very high quality since it has to resist sunlight and water. The dyeing process of our rugs is done following the procedure of root dyes, used for the production of special rugs. Generally, root dyes are famous for being non-fading. However, still, the colour quality boils down to the technique and expertise of the artisan dyeing and weaving the rug. Along with being bold and attractive in colour, the Turkish Rugs that we have at Gaba Orientals stay the same for decades. Their colours don’t fade away, and they keep gracing interiors – might as well end up as an heirloom.

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4. Pattern Aesthetics

Designing and weaving a Turkish Rug is time-consuming, laborious, and takes quite a lot of creativity. The artisans who knot these rugs have years of knowledge and experience. Without that, it is hard to get through the designing and weaving process. From planning the design to weaving and finishing – everything takes some serious effort and of course, craftsmanship. Our rug collection sourced from Turkey is woven by artisans who know how to determine an attractive design appearance of a rug and the knotting frequency to achieve that specific aesthetic pattern. Whichever rug you pick, its colours and pattern will be balanced.

Pro Tip: Never look for harmony in Cheap Turkish Rug. It’s a one-time investment, choose the one that’s PERFECT in every way, be it the colour or pattern.

5. Knotting Density

The term quality has created a lot of confusion in the industry of Turkish Rugs in Pakistan. Generally, people who want to buy Turkish Rugs are interested in the ones that have high knotting density. However, it is just a myth that the rug quality improves as the knotting frequency increases. No matter how high the knotting frequency is, a rug that is knotted using low-quality dye and wool is definitely not worth purchasing. Though you don’t have to worry about the knotting density when you purchase a rug from Gaba Orientals. All our rugs are high quality and made to endure the wear and tear of time. Shop one from our collection, feature it in your living room, and thank us later for how effortlessly beautiful it looks.

6. Rug Size

One of the major points that you need to focus on when buying any Types of Turkish Rugs is their size. Choosing and featuring the wrong size in your interiors will lead to a disturbed rug-furniture balance, and the environment will look cluttered. Hence, from our wide range of Turkish Rugs, pick out the one that fits like a glove in your modern space and takes the interior décor up a notch.  

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Shop Turkish Rugs Online From Gaba!

Turkish rugs are woven in different designs and levels of sophistication – modern, nomadic, vibrant, and minimalistic. They are the top choice when it comes to enriching space with tradition and years-old craftsmanship in the most classic way. Every rug in our collection of Turkish Rugs Near Me at Gaba Orientals is handpicked and sourced from Turkey – to complement interiors in Pakistan. Browse through www.gaba.pk, order the rug that fits your interior style and feature it to bring the décor together beautifully.