Why Go With A Silk Rug Instead Of Other Flooring Options?

Why Go With A Silk Rug Instead Of Other Flooring Options?

Luxury has always been a term associated directly with silk. In fact, there is a strong influence of Silk Rugs on history, as they come directly from the upper class of Persia. They are famous as a nod to the tradition and pride – which now adorn contemporary homes. The incomparable beauty of a Silk Rug endures for years, and that’s the truth. Topping our list of best-sellers at Gaba Orientals, these rugs can be hung on the walls and even used as flooring. Whatever way you feature them in your space, the nature silk sheen and intricate patterns made with the perfect knots will make the home décor look PERFECT. Need more convincing as to why you should pick silk rugs over any other flooring options? Give this blog a read!

5 Perks Of Picking A Silk Rug As Flooring For Your Space

Indeed, when talking of Hand-knotted Silk Rugs, their beauty, and fine knotting has become well-known all around the globe. No other type of rug can replace their elegance. Turkey, Persia, Iran, and Persia are the major contributors to the production of tough-to-beat silk rugs. Surely, everyone wants to invest in an interior décor element that has a pleasant yet modern appearance – silk rugs can give that polished, worth-praises appearance. Here’s what you can expect after featuring silk rugs in your cherished space:

1. Lifespan

Compared to other natural materials, the most resilient are silk fibers. Due to the presence of amino acids and proteins in it, silk is incredibly opulent and soft. Natural Silk Rugs and mats have a years-long history of being popular for their durability. Do you know that the royal families are the ones most connected to these oh-so-elegant rugs? Silk is a fiber that is extensible and can take any shape easily. Thanks to its flexibility, the fiber is renewable and can endure the wear-tear of time Hence, if you have pets in your home or little kiddos, pick a high-quality rug from our collection of silk rugs at Gaba Orientals. They promise an incredibly long life and are naturally strong because of the fine knotting. After years, you’ll surely be passing a rug you featured in your home as a heirloom.

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2. Endurance

As mentioned before, silk fibers are made of amino acids and proteins, which is why silk is even more durable than steel. So, when you feature a Silk Rug in your home, and that too a handmade one, it will endure dust, storm, and everything else that comes in its way – even tea spills (everyone is guilty of it, we know). Moreover, unlike other rugs that shed fibers and get creased when moved from one room to another, silk rugs stay the same.

Whether you place one in your living room at first and move it to the bedroom after a few months, it will look equally lovely and fine in both setups. The cherry on top – cleaning Traditional Silk Rugs is quite easy and you don’t have to worry about the colours fading. Trust us, they look as good as new every time you clean them – and of course, stunning.

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3. Appearance

Silk fibers can be moulded into many sizes and shapes. They are very soft and applying multiple designs on them is simple. When combined with elegant hues and other premium materials, Handmade Silk Rugs give a charming appearance. Moreover, because silk has a high refraction index, different hues give a unique perspective in every kind of lighting.

Beautify your interiors with a Silk Rug from Gaba Orientals and see how effortlessly it will elevate the décor.  Although their price tags are a bit on the pricier side, they are a one-time investment that will make you go head-over-heels every time you step into your home. Compared to other floorings, they are softer and look exquisite and luxurious if we say so precisely.

4. Interior Impact

The appearance of interiors can be completely transformed by Modern Silk Rugs. They contrast with the furnishings and are available in countless colours at Gaba Orientals. If you are looking to enhance your living room décor, dining room or even the bedroom, featuring silk rugs can do wonders in terms of aesthetics. Light refracts by silk, and this refraction will give your space a fresh and vibrant appeal.

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5. Easy Care

No other material can match the smoothness and softness of silk. Fibroin is what adds firmness to silk fibers. In simpler words, silk matched the firmness of steel yarn. However, caring for Silk Rugs in Lahore is still easy – but they need to be cleaned properly. Although the fibers are quite flexible and lose strength when they are wet, excessive use of chemicals and heat can harm silk rugs. Hence, to make sure that your rug stays the same for years and does not lose its colours, quality, or pile thickness, handle it with care.

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Silk rugs are the epitome of grace and elegance. No matter whether you have minimalistic interiors or royalty is your vibe, Online Silk Rugs from Gaba Orientals compliment every and any type of home décor. Visit www.gaba.pk and browse through our gorgeous collection of Silk Rugs Near Me to shop one for your home.