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Looking For No-Fuss Home Floorings? Incorporate A Pastel Touch With Persian Rugs!

Pop of colours on a dull day, painting the bedroom in a calming colour, putting on a dress that brightens up the mood automatically; everyone has a go-to colour that makes them feel good. Do you know that all these feelings revolving around the colours are not a coincidence but there is actually science behind it? From restaurants using the red colour because it stimulates hunger to the playgrounds being green because the colour is calming – the psychology around hues is used EVERYWHERE. Knowing that colours can impact human behaviour is no surprise though because colour therapy has been around for years now. Just look at Gaba suiting your taste. We always recommend choosing cool pastel tones for creating a calm space. The soft hues add more to the ambiance of home interiors in a no-fuss way, especially in bedrooms or spaces where people relax. Sounds like all you have ever wanted as home flooring but are confused about which rug to choose? We have you sorted with this guide!

3 Persian Rugs That You Can Pair Perfectly With Your Interior Décor

Has it happened? You have fallen in love with the stunning collection of Persian Rugs in Pakistan available at Gaba. And, you are now longing to style one in your interiors – where the exotic, bold beauty and the hint of charm that comes with its years of history can be enjoyed FOREVER? There must be some doubts too – like what if it doesn’t get along with that patterned sofa in your living room, or clashes with the artwork.

Even some of the décor-savviest people sometimes get stuck in such confusion, so we thought about sharing our top picks of Handmade Persian Rugs that pair effortlessly with any kind of interior. Have a look at the beautifully hand-woven treasures and you will surely feel like they always belonged in your home as flooring.

1.  Fine Persian Rug

Pastel peach, beige base, and shades of blue in this Fine Persian Rug do not only mimic the calming colours of nature that create a grounded space but are also easy on the eyes. Persian Rugs in these colour combinations are sure to lend a sense of peace to modern interiors.

Fine Persian Rug

If you are looking to feature a rug that is more in vibrant hues or a vintage one for the hallway, browse through our wide range of highest-quality ones sourced from Iran. The ones below are the most extravagant and supreme in our collection – known for their intricate and majestic design that exhibits true craftsmanship in every knot.

Persian Carpet

2.  Persian Silk Rug

Trying to create a vibrant yet sophisticated-looking space? In that scenario, featuring our Persian Silk Rug in rich and bright colours is a perfect choice. Its blue, rusty orange, and beige hues are sure to bring an element of warmth to your interiors.

Any space requiring aesthetics and positive energy would suit having this rug, woven by artisans in majestic colours. Apart from this, any other tribal Persian Carpet from Iran featuring elegant motifs can do justice to interiors when it comes to adding a pop of colour through unique floorings.

Persian Silk Rug

3.  Persian Silk Touch Rug

Patterns work like a charm to bring out a unified feel in interiors, no matter whether your style is quirky or simple elegance. All you should be aiming for is BALANCE – and the Persian Silk Touch Rug we have at Gaba promises just that. A neutral backdrop with minimal accessories is the highlight of your interiors? Then this rug will become a magnificent centerpiece.

Featuring a bold maroon border with a touch of black and intricate motifs, it is one of our favourite Handmade Persian Rugs that create a sense of harmony and tradition in interiors. To complement it, you can accessorize the interiors with a beige sofa and top it with plain black cushions – or any other hues from the shades of maroon colour. However, if you have a lot of patterns in your interiors, choose any other rug from our collection of elegant Persian Rugs Online. Surely, you will find the perfect one with design elements that seamlessly bring together your home décor.

Handmade Persian Rugs

Found The Perfect Persian Rug For Your Interiors?

To find Persian Rugs that achieve all the goals in the interiors – from colours to aesthetics is a bit tricky. However, with this blog by the team at Gaba, you must have found the perfect rug that brings out the best of your interiors. Order it NOW from and if your quest for the right-coloured rug or carpet has still not ended, browse through our wide collection of Persian Carpets Online – you will surely find the dreamy one that takes your home décor game up a notch!