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Are Shaggy Rugs In Pakistan Still In Style Or A Thing Of The Past That Doesn't Stand Out Anymore?

One question that is being asked A LOT and does not seem to have a clear answer is – are shaggy rugs still in style? Well, they were popular back in the 70s, and 80s and then fell a bit out of favour in the 90s. However, recently, the interest in shaggy rugs has revived. More and more people are shopping Shaggy Rugs in Pakistan from Gaba Orientals – which signifies that they are truly back in style and do STAND OUT.

You must have seen those fluffy and furry rugs. Ever noticed how soft they are when you step on them? At one point, it must have felt like you have stepped on a cloud and not a Shag Carpet Rug. Shaggy rugs are one of the most luxurious because they contain dense, deep, and uneven piles that are made with countless yarn strands. The soft yarn gives them a fluffy and shaggy appearance – which is why they are called Shaggy Rugs. Want to know how you can style a Shaggy Rug in your interiors because THIS is the type of rug that you’ve always wanted? Keep on reading the blog for some tips!

4 Tips To Make Shaggy Rugs Stand Out In Your Home Décor

Shaggy Rugs not only feel good but also take the home décor up a notch with their look. They undoubtedly remodel the whole space, giving it an aesthetic yet cozy feel. By far, Shaggy Rugs for Sale are the most modern-looking and unique rugs available at Gaba Orientals.

Even though the first Soft Shag Rug was knotted in the 70s, they still flaunt contemporary elements and a modern feel. So, if you had been considering getting a Shaggy Mat or rug for your home but were hesitant because you didn’t know if they are still in style or you don’t know how to style them: we have compiled the tips on how to feature one and make it stand out.

1. Complement Home Décor Style Effortlessly

Shaggy Runner Rugs can give any modern home a nostalgic feel. However, choosing the Best Shag Rugs and confining them in a few areas of the home is THEY KEY to keeping the décor look timeless and not overdone. Also, avoid using a colour palate that can be a bit of a throwback, like the one based on too much of browns or oranges. Instead, go for a more polished and refined modern look by featuring a Black Shaggy Rug. It will give you a free hand to achieve a mid-century home décor. Though make sure that you balance out by adding accents, neutral wall colour, or modern art that makes the space feel nostalgic yet rooted in the present.


Best Shag Rugs

2. Softness Right Under Your Feet

Do you often bring home your office work and it gets a little boring? Surely, unpleasant and not-so-aesthetic surroundings can easily dull a person. The addition of a Shaggy Rug In Pakistan to your home office space can be a mood booster. Simply feature a rug beneath the work table and put your feet on the feeling-like-cloud Shag Carpet while working. With the plushy and soft feeling under your feet, you won’t feel frustrated over having to review spreadsheets or send emails. Working will feel like an easy breeze – and a plus point if you choose a light-hued Large Shaggy Rug. They are eye candy that makes one feel calm and cozy.

3. Prepare For The Winters

With a Shag Area Rug, your entire room will feel warm, especially if you have tiles or floorboards. Shaggy Rugs for Living Room cover such floorings that turn ice-cold in winter and give the interiors a nice warm den, where you can burrow the feet into. Get a shaggy rug from Gaba Orientals before winters knock on doors and make a warm and welcoming environment in your home. You’ll be amazed at how much difference a shag rug can make by just providing the feet a sparkling and soft sensation – actually feeling like bliss. Trust us, the Black and Grey Shaggy Rug in our collection of shag rugs is even softer than a cough, you can sit and lie on it comfortably.


Shaggy Rugs for Living Room

4. Splash Of Shag In Your Dressing Room’s Décor

A shaggy rug can easily elevate the way your dressing room looks – but only if it is placed nicely under the dressing chair, in front of the dressing table. Thank us later for this tip, when you’ll feel like a celebrity getting ready for their scene in a Hollywood movie. In fact, it will look even more retro if you replace the dressing chair with a cushy vanity stool, and make sure that all the hues of the dressing room, furniture, and rug complement each other. White Shag Area Rug that we have at Gaba Orientals is a luxury one that looks perfect in dressing rooms – comfortable, stylish, and soft. It’s an all-in-one White Shag Rug that adds a splash of timeless appeal, distinctively yours.


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Looking For A Shaggy Rug To Feature In Your Home?

Your search for ‘Shag Rugs Near Me’ ends right here. A wide range of Shaggy Rugs in Pakistan is available at Gaba Orientals – in different shapes, colours, and sizes. They are incredibly popular and top our list of best-selling items. So yes, you are sure to find Shaggy Mats Designs on our website; complementing your home décor and suiting your taste.

Browse through to shop Shaggy Rugs Online, which are high-quality, fashionable, and perfect for modern homes. The look, feel, and benefits of a Plush Shag Rug will surely add an aesthetically appealing element to your interior décor.