Are Shag Outdoor Rugs For Modern Homes A Hit Or Miss?

Are Shag Outdoor Rugs For Modern Homes A Hit Or Miss?

Shag rugs are known for giving homes a comfortable and chic look. We have them in different designs, shapes, and colours at Gaba Orientals. When picking a new rug for the home, people often make the mistake of forgetting their outdoors – it is a BIG no for us. Outdoors deserve to be decorated as much as the indoors, after all, that’s where everyone enters the home from. Featuring beautiful Shag Outdoor Rugs can transform your porch or entrance into a much more refined, usable, and sought-after space. Still not sure about how picking and featuring an outdoor shag rug can make your home’s entrance look more welcoming? Take a look at some of the benefits that we have covered in this blog!

5 Benefits Of Featuring Shag Rugs In Your Home’s Outdoor Area

One of the best places to feature Outdoor Shag Rugs in Pakistan is on a decked space in the garden or the patio area. Although people mostly think that rugs belong indoors only, we take the bet that they look equally pleasing to the eyes outdoors too. There are a variety of ways you can use a shag rug to make your outdoors look warm and aesthetic. Here are some ways you can feature a shag rug to make the outdoors look refined and tidy – without compromising on your style.

1. Decorate The Outdoor Area

When it comes to decorating outdoor areas, it gets quite confusing. You want to elevate the aesthetics but also don’t want to put out something that will be ruined by the weather or because of any other reason. Well, whether you currently have a garden deck or a covered patio, decorating it up with the Best Shag Outdoor Rug would do the job well. They are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles at Gaba Orientals; to complement whatever style the home décor is. From someone operating in a minimalistic style to someone that loves going all out with the décor, we have shag rugs for everyone. So, no matter what your style choice is, rest easy, browse and order a shag rug for your outdoors.

2. Match The Current Trends

Depending on the current home décor trends, you can pick an outdoor shag rug in any colour, pattern, or design. Compared to the other types of rugs made specifically for the indoors, they can also be placed outdoors. Rest assured, there is no way styling these Best Rugs in Pakistan outdoors could go wrong. Pick the right rug, place it at the best place, take proper care of it – and voilà – your outdoor décor is sorted.

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3. Great For High-Traffic Areas

Thinking that you would be bound to place the shag rug outdoors only if you buy it? The good news is - that is not the case. Shag Outdoor Rugs can be placed outdoors and indoors too. They are an ideal combination of styles and durability. Hand-woven by artisans, the heavy-pilled shag rugs work great in high-traffic areas. You can feature them in your hallway’s entrance, outside the doorway to our garden – and the list goes on. Quite naturally, these areas have high traffic and the rugs placed there tend to wear out over time. And, this is where shag rugs by Gaba Orientals come in handy. They can withstand harsh conditions and make perfect flooring for high-traffic areas.

4. Easy To Clean Rugs

Some types of Outdoor and Indoor Rugs can only be dry-cleaned. Thankfully, shag rugs are easy to clean. One can simply wipe the spills and stains with a damp cloth, and the rug will look as good as new. If you think that the shag rug has endured a lot outdoors and needs a deep cleaning, use mild soap and a scrub brush to clean it. Being able to clean them easily does not only mean that they are durable but also makes them great flooring for high-traffic areas. Perhaps, if you have kids who walk into the house with their shoes on, Buy Shag Rugs Online and place one in the hallway entrance. The kids will love removing their shoes and stepping on the fluffy goodness that feels like a cloud and you can clean the rug later easily even if it gets dirty.

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5. Fade-Resistance

Mostly, carpet brands focus only on the appearance of their rugs. However, at Gaba Orientals, every Shag Rug for Living Room and outdoors is high-quality. Their colours do not fade away and the knotting stays in place, even if they are featured in high-traffic areas.  This means that no matter where you place them – indoors or outdoors, these rugs will not fade easily and keep catching eyes right. Hence, without worrying about the colour fading away, place a Black Shag Rug or any other hued one in your home’s entranceway. Surely, it will make everything look perfect and put together effortlessly.

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