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Afghani Kilim Rugs – How To Style One Beautifully In Your Interiors?

Do the oh-so-pretty Afghani Kilim Rugs always leave an impression on you too? They have a sophisticated look that can complement any interior style – which is why they are getting popular pretty quickly. More and more homeowners enjoy their unique designs and find new ways to style interiors with a beautiful Afghani Kilim. In fact, they are one of the top-selling rugs at Gaba Orientals.

You might be thinking – where did this trend come from? Well, the very stunning Kilims are a part of the centuries-old and rich weaving tradition in Afghanistan. The word Kilims is used for describing the pileless rugs that are made with the flat-weave technique, characterized by tribal and spiritual patterning, as well as rich colours.

Swoon away by the beauty of Afghani Kilim Rugs Online and want to incorporate one into your interiors, while complementing the design theme? These beautiful Rugs in Lahore can easily become a focal point in any room and add a bohemian flair to it – becoming the first thing your guests notice. However, it all boils down to how perfectly you style it. In this blog, we have covered some tips on styling your home with an Afghani Kilim. Read 1qon!

4 Ways To Style Afghani Kilims In Your Home Beautifully

The traditional Afghani Kilims are having a comeback. Do you love inviting, bright tones and always gravitate towards unique decorative furnishings from all around the world? Afghani Kilim Rugs are the perfect flooring to satisfy and reflect your aesthetic soul. The bright colours of the kilims animate spaces and their geometric patterns break the sense of monotony in minimalistic interiors.

BUT, the big question is how to incorporate an Afghani Kilim Style Rug into the interiors without it looking too loud and not-so-attractive. The first good news is that you can get any size of Afghani Rug in any style and colours you desire from Gaba Orientals – even those that can be hung on the walls as a wall hanging. Here are FOUR dreamy ways you can fit these kilims into your modern interiors:  

Kilim Style Rug

1. Create A Focal Point

Let your interiors be loud and proud. If you want a versatile and stunning rug for your interiors that brings together any room, pick an Afghani Kilim Carpet from Gaba Orientals. Each one in our collection blends flawlessly with just about every interior style – practically, they are quite neutral.

With their intricate patterns and bright colours, Afghani Large Kilim Rugs make an eye-catchy flooring. These beauties handcrafted by artisans from Afghanistan are an attractive way to add warmth, flair, and colour to any space – from boho-chic lounges to contemporary bedrooms. Surely, these cosmopolitan treasures are worth appreciation because of how amazing they make a space look.

2. Mix It With Other Rugs

Afghani Kilims are handwoven on small looms, which is why most of those we have at Gaba Orientals are small and not super large. Luckily, they look equally amazing when mixed up by layering on a larger rug. Lay down one or two complementary rugs for a unique and beautiful look – that doubles the charm of the Small Kilim Rug too.

An appealing aspect of these Antique Kilim Rugs is that it is easy to mix them up with other rugs. Thanks to the fact that they are never in a single flat colour, but in multiple colours. Hence, layer up an Afghani Rug with other rugs while sticking to complementing tones, play around with the patterns and everything will still look chic.

Tribal Kilim Rug

3. Hand It On The Wall

Not every rug has to go on the floor. For a stunning handmade Afghani Tribal Kilim Rug that you cannot bear to sit or step on, the exotic solution to create a dreamy home is giving it a prime spot on one of the bare walls. The right Afghani Kilim will look perfect being hanged behind the sofa, above the console in the hallway, or even above the bed as a makeshift headboard. In particular, Afghani Kilim Rugs are rich enough in colours and patterns to make a statement wherever featured – even on a wall.

Choose a vivid-toned Afghani Wool Kilim Rug from Gaba Orientals to achieve an ultra-boho look or try a mute-toned one for a traditional look that warms up your space. That is the beauty of our Afghani Kilims collection, there is something for EVERYONE.

4. A Little Bit Of Everything

There are countless subtle ways to showcase an Afghani Modern Kilim Rug in the interiors. They are known to brighten up spaces with their decorative accents, unique patterns, and dazzling colour combinations – paired with a traditional look. Enhance the look of your interiors with chairs, upholstered furniture pieces, ottomans, decorative cushions, throws, and an Afghani Round Kilim Rug that brings in a stylish accent.

To pull off the look, choose a kilim with one common colour and contrasting patterns that make the look consistent. Every hand-woven Afghani Kilim Area Rug that we have at Gaba Orientals is unique – no two kilims look the same. The patterns in them express good fortune, protection, heroism, happiness, and most importantly – the craftsmanship of the artisans who have woven them to perfection.

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We have a wide range of Afghani Kilims that are sure to team up perfectly with any and every kind of interior. Visit and take a look at our collection of Kilims Rugs for Sale that catches every eye. Each kilim at Gaba Orientals is a work of art on its own and has made its way to countless homes around the world because of its quality, Kilim Patchwork craftsmanship, and prices. Shop one now for your home and make it look aesthetically appealing – in every possible way.